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Focus Care Services – A Trusted Provider of Quality Based Services

Focus Care Services places great emphasis on the delivery of person centred quality services and working in partnership with all relevant agencies, including the local authority, health care professionals, housing associations and education.

Through a person-centred approach and planning in partnership with people who use our services, we enable individuals to take control of their own lives through the identification of achievable outcomes. Focus Care Services believes that every person, regardless of previous life experiences, should have equal access to a range of supportive services which promote ongoing Independence and well-being.

We provide services for people aged 18 years and above who have a learning disability and/or physical disability, sensory, visual impairment, functional mental health needs, autistic spectrum disorder, dementia/other age related medical condition, as well as alcohol dependency.

Our core business is to enable people who use our services to maintain and, where appropriate, further develop their independence within a supported living environment.

The categories of service areas identified often overlap in terms of the range of service provision required. For example, we may support someone who uses our services to bid for their own property, by helping them to understand the conditions of their tenancy agreement, financial responsibilities, bill payment, banking etc. Focus also offers support with access to education, employment opportunities, life skills training, health care, leisure opportunities and access community support groups.

In addition to all of the above, Focus also have a wealth of experience in supporting individuals to manage their own tenancy within their chosen locality

We provide a respite carers break service which enables individuals to remain at home with families on request.

We are an umbrella organisation for Criminal Record Bureau Disclosures.