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Supervised Contact

Focus Care Services supervised contact service is designed to maintain the critically important parent-child relationship after a child has been removed from their parents’ care.  Focus will strive to ensure that every contact session is productive and enjoyable for the family without ever compromising the safety of the child or young person.

We offer a flexible and child-centred package, which will not only maintain relationships, but also provide reports for each session for submission to court or to form part of a wider assessment of parenting skills.  Our staff will collect and transport children to and from our centre or any other suitable venue and supervise contact in accordance with the instructions provided by the social worker.  Our staff members are trained to intervene where appropriate and to write a detailed, impartial account of what happened during contact.

We have a comfortable, fully furnished contact centre, which is completely wheelchair accessible and close to public transport links. Our  rooms have comfortable seating, toys, books and games for children of all ages.