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Supported Living

Our Person- Centred Approach

Focus Care Services is a dedicated provider of Community Based Support and Enablement Services for a range of service user groups. We are registered under Part II of the Domiciliary Care Agencies Regulations 2002 and comply with the Statutory Regulations inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

Focus Care Services began providing a Supported Living Service in 2003 for vulnerable adults. This includes those with learning or physical disabilities, or both, those that have sensory or visual impairment, mental health issues. We also support people over the age of 18 that have an autistic spectrum disorder, a substance dependency, dementia and those that experience seizures.

One of our core business strategies is to enable people who use our services to maintain and where appropriate further develop their independence.

Our primary aim is to promote Independent Living for people who use our services within a community setting by following “Ordinary Life” principles. This is achieved by involving people who use our services through working in partnership with the service user, their carer, and/or significant other stakeholders.

We create a unique person-centred plan that takes into account individual outcomes.  We also recognise that service users’ wishes and needs change over time and that it is essentially best practice to monitor, evaluate, and adapt care plans according to needs.

We can provide support to our service users in bidding for their own property for example and help them to understand the conditions of their tenancy agreement. Support can be given in taking responsibility for financial matters such as banking and paying bills. Other examples of support are: access to education and employment opportunities; life skills training; health care; leisure activities and accessing community support groups.

We work towards maximising the independence of service users with the aim of reducing the level of support provided over time through agreement with the service user and partner organisation/s.

We provide a signposting service ensuring that people who use our services have a range of leisure options within the resources available. Our services are built around each individual person in order to support them to access opportunities within their communities.

We also operate on continuous improvement principles to provide purchasers with “best value” services.

For those reasons Focus Care Services are known for our flexibility and innovation.